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Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
in the united states, but in proximity to the world. we are watching to see how the president handles a major humanitarian crisis. haiti is an independent nation. this is president obama's relief operation in the moment. as the u.s. is taking the lead right now, secretary of state clintons was there yesterday. we will talk to the agency for international development, dr. raj shaw. we will talk to the u.s. military commander on the ground, general p.k. keen. we will talk about if the logistics are better, and more food and medical supplies and what is needed in the next few days. >> you know, john, a lot of people watching it play out on television feel so helpless. they want to do something but don't know how. yesterday the president tapped two former presidents to help him with fund-raising. how will that work? >> it's an interesting thing. i covered the white house for a long time and i was over there yesterday. when you see the concern the president of the united states step out of the oval office with two former presidents of the united states, it reminds you of the gravity of the moment,
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
. that is the united states will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in pal stein. >> we will talk to one expert on bin laden, and that's coming up in a moment. >>> and then a story out of afghanistan. three u.s. service members were killed today in separate roadside bomb attacks. the military says both bombings happened in southern afghanistan. two service members were killed in that first blast. we got word a short time ago a third had been killed in a separate roadside bomb. >>> let's get you back to the top story today. a new tape out today believed to be from osama bin laden. one person that has interviewed bin laden face-to-face, peter, and he joins us now. he says america will never enjoy security until we are in palestine. >> he said that many times in the past. he has talked about the palestinian issue for many years, and he said it was a front against the crusaders, quote, unquote, and the jews. he is veryanti-smetic. al qaeda doesn't take ownership of its failures generally speaking, but there must have felt there was propaganda advantage in taking responsibility for thi
Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
theater. to see the president of the united states, democrats standing up in front of all of the republicans taking questions, and taking it and giving it back, but a lot of people say the gop messed up by allowing cameras in there, because he made them look bad. >> i was in the back of the room and i felt like i had been transported to the parliament, question time when you go in and take it from the opposition. i called the session, give and give. there was no take. here was the interesting part, there were a number of house republicans saying the invitation was fine to let the president up there, he is a figure against the house republicans, and so the optics were not that great. some of them were nervous about it, but they came away that the president did several times saying i know you have a lot of ideas, i don't like your ideas, and maybe i will take a little of that idea, and the white house are saying they were the party of no ideas. they got the president of the united states to concede, while they may not like them, he p put -- they put a number of ideas out the
Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
of responsibility includes yemen. i think that's a strong signal nat united states will bomb through on what president obama has said, which he's going to hold people to account. i think that is a not very subtly coded way of saying there will be retribution and it will be military retribution. and we've already seen strikes on december 17th and december 24th at al qaeda targets in yemen. but i imagine there's going to be more of those strikes and i don't think general petraeus was bringing a thank you mote to the president of yemen for your help on the war in the terror, i think he was bringing more of an ultimatum which is to say if that plane that had blown up, 300 mostly americans would be dead. and this is coming from your territory. and if you can't control your own territory, we can help you, we're already giving aid, we can increase that aid, but we also, you know, this poses a major threat to the united states and we can do this with you or without you. and i think that's what the you been stance of the conversation was. i can't imagine that he would have said anything else given wh
Jan 10, 2010 8:00am EST
to the president of the united states because he said that he was light skinned, and i am quoting, lacked a negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one. he is not denying he said them, but is apologizing them. >> we are asking for your comments on that so be sure and send them in to us. >> we have a second to share just a couple. i will just read it. it's right from here. i will read this from norma johnson. she says i am african-american and i think what harry reid said is absolutely correct. we just don't want to discuss it in public. another distraction from the real issues facing the country including lack of good health care, the president accepted his apology, so let's move on. >> people agree with what harry reid said, but just know that it's uncomfortable for what people to hear sometimes. >> so what? good is the benchmark. a lot of people are saying while unfortunate and a lot of people saying they disagree, and some were saying these were honest comments and observations. >> and race is such a hot button topic, and amazing just some of the comments we are reading and amazing it's coming
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5